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Each volume below can be ordered as  4 Audio Cds ........... $20+$4 S/H
1 High Quality MP3  Cd ......... $15+$4 S/H

All  Cd's are made directly from our master cd's, which were taken from our reels  or transcriptions,
and re-mastered for high quality sound.   These shows are  not converted from the inferior mp3  files
that are found on the internet.    All shows  are converted and  re-mastered by our  sound engineers,
using high quality sound re-mastering hardware and software.


Volume 1

04-11-48 The Brute
04-18-48 TheDrums Of  Fore And Aft
05-02-48 John Jock Todd
05-09-48 The Time Machine
10-15-49 The Sure Thing
10-22-49 Night In Havana
11-01-49 Flood On The Goodwins
11-08-49 Plunder Of  The Sun

4 Audio Cd's only $20+$4S&H
1 MP3 CD    only $15+$4S&H

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It is our belief that the original shows contained on these  cd's, are either in the public domain or
royalties have been paid to the copyright holders of the original work.  If this is not the case and
you are a copyright holder of any of the original work, please advise us providing adequate legal
proof  and we will be more than happy to remove the content or negotiate royalties.

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